Sunday, February 17, 2013

Unseen Crump Vault

Boy, am I behind in my book blogging!

I've purchased three new books in the last month.

"Seen, Unseen Disneyland: What You See at Disneyland But Never Really See" (Paperback; 193 pgs). This isn't a behind-the-scenes book nor is it a book about Disneyland secrets. Russell Flores, the author,  takes a very close look at all that attention to detail the Imagineers throw into everything they create. The book is jam-packed with photos to illustrate every concept. "Unseen" is very well researched and Flores does not fall into any of the urban legend traps. My only nitpick, it that the photo quality could have been a touch better.

"It's Kind of a Cute Story" (Paperback; 192 pgs). If you've every seen early film of Walt Disney talking to a very young, and very hip looking, Imagineer about the Museum of the Weird - that's Rolly Crump. He started as an animator and moved over to WED. It's a very interesting read on early Disneyland history.

"The Revised Vault of Walt" (Paperback; 264 pgs). I typically don't pick-up revised or updated editions of books. After all, what can be said in an updated edition that wasn't already said in the first edition. But, every other review I read said that the additional material (five new chapters) was totally worth the cost.

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